Bird Of Hope..

She was walking along the street towards her home when suddenly a bird out of nowhere, fell harshly before her on the cemented floor. It landed on the street with a loud thump. Panic – stricken, she abruptly dodged and retraced her steps. After detecting it was a bird, she stooped to examine it.

It was a beautiful sparrow, with shining eyes and exquisitely multicoloured wings. One could see the perfect blend of different colours aligned in an intricate manner. But those bewitching wings were gravely mutilated. Perhaps, the sparrow was grappling with the mighty eagle in the sky.

It needed immediate nursing. She held it with tenderness trying not to harm the wretched bird. The groans of the poor creature were quivering her hands. Hastily, she walked to her home and comforted the sparrow with first – aid. She covered her wounds gently. It would help to mitigate the pain, she thought. To help it recover its senses, she fed it with water. She caressed its soft body compassionately.

In the following days, she devoted herself to nursing the bird. She attended to all its needs with warmth. After a constant care and attention of a week, it restored back to being hale and hearty.

After being sure of its health, she thought to release it from the confined surroundings. It surely wanted to fly. She walked to the street holding the bird in her hands. “Goodbye dear”, she murmured as she kissed it. She finally released it from her grip. The sparrow took a flight of joy as it glided in the sky. To her surprise, it came back, encircled her, and flew back to its path. She stood there, smiling, as the bird soared high in its world, and finally faded away.

(Dedicated to my friend, Snigdha)