Just insomniac things.

It’s 6 in the morning and I am not yet able to sleep. All I’m thinking is about food and how to score well in exams without studying. Food reminds me of Joey, and remember, Joey doesn’t share food!┬áRight now, I’m desperately craving for french fries. Wait, why are they called so? I must google it. I have no idea why am I blabbering such ridiculous stuff here, but this feels so right. This is my blog so I can write whatever I want, right?
Well, I think I should do this more often. I always have tons of things to talk about, irrespective of whether people are interested to listen to them or not.
Good night peeps! (Good morning in India).


Exam season is here.

It’s (final)exam time. And all I can think of is:
1. Food
2. How much I love my family
3. lizard running on the wall
4. How to get rid of pimples on my face.
5. What if I become famous
6. Food
7. Doubting my aim of life



Sometimes it’s better to not know things. Sometimes it’s better to remain in your world of little ignorance, knowing that the truth is capable of shaking your very existence. It’s truly relieving to not worry about knowing some things, because knowing about them means dealing with them, and sometimes you’re just not strong enough to do it. It’s not always wise to bear the burden of some things, just for the sake of knowing the ‘truth’. Why face the things which can damage the course of your life, when your life is running smooth without being aware of them? Ignorance can truly be a bliss sometimes..