Story of every student studying English Literature.

Oh well. This totally comes from my personal experience.

1. Reading a poem or a novel is all hunky – dory, until you’re asked to explain it, analyse it and perform an in – depth postmortem on it.

2. We tend to forget our own name in the process of memorizing the name of different characters present in the countless plays and novels prescribed in our syllabus.

3. ‘Romantic’ poetry didn’t turn out as we expected it to be. It’s not even close to the word ‘love’. This is the most shattered expectation of a student newly introduced to the world of literature.

4. Shakespeare is not the only one who haunts us. There are many more spirits like him.

5. We can’t survive without the help books, in any way.

6. We are expected to be a living dictionary by our friends, family and relatives.

7. We are required to remember the name of each book written by each and every author present over the 700 year long history of English literature, esp if we are preparing for entrance exams. *cries*

8. We have the unrestricted opportunity of reading extremely abusive and sensuous poetry without anyone condemning us, because it’s prescribed in our syllabus. *devilish smile* šŸ˜€

In most of the cases, the content is so hilarious, it just becomes another source of our jokes and comical conversations.

9. We possess the talent of providing a poetic flavour to a simple concept or object.

10. We spend countless hours trying to figure out “How the hell could/did he write this?”


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