At the stroke of the midnight hour..

At the stroke of the midnight hour, this is all what you eat when you don’t have Maggi.Image


If I could be invisible..

If I get a chance to be invisible, the first thing I would do is to enter Nestle’s factory to know what secret ingredient they use in Maggi, which makes it so incredibly delicious!

Second venture would be into Cadbury’s Dairy Milk factory, for the same reason.

Third thing I’d do is to slap some jerks really hard, who roam on the streets the entire day like stray beings, and then come begging to copy assignments from others.

What would you do if you get a chance to be invisible?

Dad’s long awaited wish got fulfilled..

The girl who used to stick to Page 3 news every time she caught hold of a newspaper, read its highly intellectual front page for the first time.
Politics! Yes, the term that has always haunted me. Had it not been the assignment given to us, I’d have never dared to read the front page. I’m marking this day as a momentous one.
Dad says I should be awarded for this daring act 😀